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Learn how to launch a fashion or accessories collection, or a global fashion concept. This Fashion Design Collection & Marketing course empowers equally the important skill-set of design and bridges the gap between creativity, fashion design, and business. Putting together a successful fashion collection for industry launch is a strategic mix of research, creativity, design, garment construction, business planning, marketing, communication and sales management.


Feb 2019 ▸ Sep 2019

Oct 2019 ▸ Jun 2020

30.980 €

31.000 €

This one year postgraduate level course is aimed at young fashion designers who want to launch their own collection or brand and need to extend their knowledge in collection design management, planning and promotion, essential to developing a scalable business model and ensure a fast-growing business enterprise. This fashion course goes beyond the practical instruction of how a collection must be designed and coordinated by takes the es beyond the practical instruction of how a collection must be designed and coordinated and goes beyond to ensure the embracing the business potential of the creative ideas.

Participants learn how to plan their collection in every detail and independently manage the creative process, channelling it from the design studio to real life project development, working with different markets, production needs, customers’ expectations, brand image and present and future trends in order to stay in line with industry developments. The creativity of a fashion designer is pivotal to producing original designs and must be constantly supported and nourished.

Mixed with individual style, each item in a collection should complement each other, tell a story, and appeal to the target customer. Participants focus on creative research methods, essential to producing innovative designs and new working methods in menswear, womenswear, and accessories design, in brand development, or in brand extension. Alongside the design process, solid business acumen, planning and marketing strategies are subsequently just as important in ‘putting together’ a collection.

Participants work on professional presentation skills, how to write a business plan, product positioning, communication and press and PR management. Sourcing fabric, finding a manufacturer, line planning, pricing and budget control, are just some of the business issues to address together with nurturing creative design skills.
In the final stage of the course, participants apply advanced research methodologies to develop their own professional business plan for start-up. This course is aimed at participants that have previous undergraduate level study in the fields of fashion design, accessories design or similar, or proven work experience. They complete the course as experts ready to launch a collection, establish or re-invigorate start-ups and SMEs, in the fashion, luxury and creative industries.

** Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in Firenze will be awarded with an Istituto Marangoni diploma.

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