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Up to 50% Tuition fee deduction

for one of our BA, Master or 1 year intensives 


Click to read about the courses in Milan, Paris and Florence:


     * all programmes are in English


Your Chance to Be the ONE!

Exclusive Spring Scholarship competition

just for talents from Romania & Moldova!

At Marangoni - Design&Fashion School in

Milan, Florence and Paris


The programme fees:

Enrollment Fee of € 4,000 (€5,500 for the Masters) + Winner will get: up to 50% deduction on the Tuition fee. 

Scholarships for the BA/3Y Programmes are awarded for the 1st year only. 

For the Milan, Florence and Paris campuses programmes for October 2023 only.

The project:

Applicants of creative programmes are requested to submit 6 self-produced Creative Ideas: these can be anything that visually describes their inspiration and the area of study that they have chosen. They can be submitted in the form of sketches, drawings, photographs, moodboards and collages (the 6 creative ideas might also be a mix of these). 

Applicants to Fashion business programmes are requested to submit a 700-word document where candidates identify one emerging trend. The candidates will need to illustrate the emergence of one key trend in the fashion and/or luxury sector. The research should focus on a contemporary issue/trend related to consumer behaviour - such as digital, sustainability, new textiles. etc. The text should be accompanied by a visual research and a list of references, and be submitted as a pdf file.  

In addition:

*Photocopy of a high school Diploma translated into English (OR proof of being in the last year of high school).

*Passport or National ID card scan

*Signed Motivation letter with an explanation of why you deserve our scholarship (please indicate the requested program)

*Passport type photo

*The projects will be submitted by April 30th 2023 at 23:59, only in English in a digital version in ZIP file (maximum size of 10MB) and will be sent to the following email address (please add your name in the subject line):


Upon publication of the winner's name, the person will be asked to confirm receipt of the scholarship and within 4 working days pay the enrollment fee of 4,000 / 5,500 euros.

In case the winner does not pay the enrollment fee within 4 working days from the winner's name publication, the scholarship will be automatically transferred to the next participant in the ranking list.

* Marangoni School reserves the right to terminate the competition at any time for any reason and even to cancel it.

For further details

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