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Up to 50% Tuition fee scholarship

for one of our BA, Master or 1 year programs


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     * all programs are in English


Your Chance to Be the ONE!

Exclusive Scholarship competition

just for talents from Poland!

At Marangoni - Design&Fashion School in Milan, Florence, Paris and London 


The program fees:

Enrollment Fee of € 4,000 (€5,500 for the Masters) + Winner will get: up to 50% scholarship on the Tuition fee

Scholarships for the BA/3Y Programmes are awarded for the 1st year only. 

For one of the European campus programmes for October 2023 only.

 The project: 

A proposal for a creative concept or a business idea for a brand at the applicant’s choosing consistent with the theme “Green is the new Luxury”.

Applicants are asked to deliver a portfolio to investigate and represent in a visual way their personal interpretation of the lifestyle theme “Green is the new Luxury” through an inspiration board (collage or sketches) and/or a short video that lasts a maximum of 60 seconds and in addition an explanatory text in English of up to 500 words.

In addition:

*Photocopy of a high school Diploma translated into English (OR proof of being in the last year of high school).

*Passport or National ID scan

*Signed Motivation letter with an explanation of why you deserve our scholarship (please indicate the requested program)

*Passport type photo

* The projects will be submitted by January 15th 2023 at 23:59, only in English in a digital version in ZIP file (maximum size of 10MB) and will be sent to the following email address (please add your name in the subject line):


Upon publication of the winner's name, the person will be asked to confirm receipt of the scholarship and within 4 working days pay the enrollment fee of 4,000 / 5,500 euros.

In case the winner does not pay the enrollment fee within 4 working days from the winner's name publication, the scholarship will be automatically transferred to the next participant in the ranking list.

* Marangoni School reserves the right to terminate the competition at any time for any reason and even to cancel it.

For further details

Click to call us: +40722547470

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